The Clarkdale Arizona 4 "C"s

29 Mar 2021 3:37 PM | Anonymous

Arizona has been known as the State with 4 "C's.  Citrus, Copper, Cattle and Cotton.  Some would add a fifth "C" being Climate.  Since Clarkdale was founded the same year as Arizona gained statehood we have our list of The Clarkdale Arizona 4 "C"s....

1)  Citrus in Clarkdale at the time of the town's incorporation was grown in Jordan's two major orchards - one along the river at the current slag site and the other at Haskell Spring.

2) Cotton was grown by the Sinagua at Tuzigoot, evidenced in their Museum.

3) Copper is the reason for Clarkdale's founding by William Andrews Clark.

4) Cattle has been part of Clarkdale's history, including the Town Police rounding up Perkin's bulls in the seventies and locking them in the school athletic field... but that is a whole other story.

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  • 30 Mar 2021 11:24 AM | Anonymous
    Thanks to the late Paul Handverger for making these connections.
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